Bluekey facilitates optimization of project plans reducing time-to-market by supplier integration and creating the end-to-end overview of supplier activities. This allows our customers to plan their sales and marketing activities proactively and realistically.

  • Supplier integration, interfaces and contact matrix
  • Integration and alignment of all supply chain activities into a project master plan
  • Creates End-2-End overview and keeps track of the project red-line: Top down and bottom up planning
  • Deliver an overview over supplier and manufacturing and logistic lead times
  • Reduces time to market
  • Milestone based development: Ensuring and delivering sourcing and supply chain deliverables
  • Experienced in working closely together with R&D, project management, test, factory etc.
  • Project and risk management planning


Bluekey delivers technology insight to our customers and connects them directly to world class suppliers and industry professionals. Furthermore, we enable our customers to capitalize on the advantages of best in class Early Supplier Involvement.

  • Technology insight, access and know-how, sparring and solutions
  • Technology options and cost impact
  • Supplier integration and collaboration
  • Team of highly professional engineers and project management resources ready at the suppliers
  • Early design feedback and sparing according to the highest standards in the industry
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Technology risk management


BlueKey develops accurate and complete cost overviews giving our costumers visibility and an understanding of the elements driving the cost of their product and business case. Furthermore, we facilitate cost reduction and optimization of the Bill of Material.

  • RFQ (Request For Quotation)
  • Cost breakdown (break down and understand the product cost elements)
  • Cost down options: find, review, evaluate and implement
  • Currency management: Baseline vs. fluctuation
  • Landed cost optimization
  • Design to cost
  • Bill Of Material management and input to business case
  • Target and benchmark costing


Bluekey delivers accurate and up-to-date budgets allowing our customers to fully understand and plan for investments needed during the full product life cycle.
We also make cash flow and liability analyses for development, production start and close down.

  • Budget management (Manufacturing investments needed to cover demand, preparation and ordering of materials)
  • Tooling and equipment management: Capacity implementation needed to reach peak and lifetime volumes
  • Capacity approval: Validation and approval of tooling and equipment
  • Cash flow forecast: NRE, proto tooling, prototypes, mass-production tooling, cash flow during production upstart and ramp-up, liability management
  • Development budget: Prototype and pre-series budgets and investments


Bluekey ensures that the right product quality level is achieved by know-how an cooperation, not pure luck. We work systematically from project start towards making product quality a part of the development process.

  • Specification alignment and agreement
  • Build and production feedback
  • Visual quality development and alignment
  • Supplier search and selection (financial, technical, process due diligence)
  • Quality target setting and agreement
  • Systematic quality development project with local suppliers
  • Quality firefighting
  • Support by bi-lingual on-site project and quality experts
  • Quality risk management


In order to safely and predictably prepare our customers products for ramp-up and production, Bluekey manages capacity forecasting, planning and implementation according to the highest standards. We use state of the art processes and tools for approval of tooling and equipment.

  • Capacity planning
  • Capacity forecasting
  • Capacity implementation
  • Capacity and equipment approval
  • Production planning, execution and management
  • Production & capacity risks