New business development:
Development of new business is first and foremost about the right product, the customer base, sales channels and advertising. However before the business can be realized all companies has to go through product development and supply chain implementation.

Bluekey has all the tools needed to step in to the development process at a very early stage and deliver perspective, options, insight and last but not least fact based analysis of project feasibility, product cost level, investments needed, project schedule and technology sparring.

Product development and industrialization:
Should you already have a concrete product in the pipeline, Bluekey is the right choice if you wish to outsource the supply chain development to a professional partner.

From our experience executing dozens of supply chain projects within the mobile phone, consumer electronics and BtB-electronics and medical industry, we ensure that the supply chain is developed fast, efficient, safely and in full cooperation with customer internal resources and suppliers.

Collectively Bluekey encompass more than 50 years of experience with product development, sourcing and supply chain management. We have filled in key positions for industry leading companies as Nokia and Microsoft, and gained experience with companies with American, European and Asian leadership and culture.

Last but not least some of us have both worked as sub supplier and customer, giving a unique perspective on challenges of building world class supply chains.
Rooted in our experience and accumulated know-how we are capable of covering most aspects of supply chain development, from early concepting to negotiation and settlement of the last liabilities.

End-to-End supply chain development and implementation:
Via our extensive network amongst supply chain professionals and world class suppliers, we have signed cooperation agreements with some suppliers. This allows BlueKey combined with our partners to deliver probably the best, fastest and most efficient end-to-end supply chain solutions.
Bluekey and its partners are able to step into the product development cycle at a very early stage and provide vital sparring, ESI and guidance regarding manufacturing, cost, technological possibilities, schedule, design feedback and supply chain planning.

During the product development we proactively deliver input, feedback and updates on all relevant metrics, such as: Cost, budgets, investments, builds, capacity, schedule, design feedback and quality. Moreover we facilitate the direct link between the customer and key persons at the sub supplier, allowing the project execution to run transparent, fast and effectively as possible.

During ramp up and mass-production our cooperation partners allows our customers to benefit from some of the most efficient demand supply planning tools and processes. In essence giving our costumers visibility to activities throughout their supply chain, in detail understand their products lead-times and actively allow our customers to fine-tune their supply chain to fit their business.