Supplier development for American automotive industry
Bluekey is driving the development of Chinese sub-suppliers to the American automotive industry. Based on our experience running and developing world class suppliers for the mobile phone industry, it is a natural step to apply these skills on suppliers in the Automotive industry. Currently Bluekey is transforming a significant Chinese mold making company into also covering molding and supplying finished components into car manufacturing plants across the globe according to automotive industry standard.

Delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions together with our partners
A number of our customers is not only looking for knowhow, advice and guidance regarding their supply chain setup. Instead they are looking for a partner there can handle the entire supply chain and manufacturing process all the way up to final sales box delivered. To be able to deliver this service Bluekey has a strategic cooperation with absolutely leading suppliers within consumer electronics. This allows Bluekey to offer a palette of solutions and technologies normally unattainable by most.

Implementation of alternative suppliers for leading player within hydraulics industry
Due to expanding global presence, need for a robust supply chains and cost opportunities Danish leading hydraulics manufacturer is using Bluekey to run the implementation and ramp up of their strategic 2. source supplier projects. Bluekey has a long and proven track record being in charge of 2. source implementation projects, where global reach, time to market and challenging technical solutions are key parts of the project scope.

Establishing supply chain for upcoming Scandinavian Smart phone brand
Core knowhow at Bluekey is based on establishing fast, effective and competitive supply chains for the smart/mobile phone industry. This key competence is being put to good use as supply chain partner for one of the most interesting upcoming players in the smart phone industry. Via an extensive network and connections to mobile manufacturing industry and +40 years of experience Bluekey adds what is needed to bringing a fabulous concept from idea to mass production.

Giving investors and entrepreneurs the right perspective
Before starting development or investing money into projects is always good to have an understanding of where the final Bill Of Materials will end up cost vise and how big investments will be needed. Also cash flow and liquidity during development and production ramp up. Bluekey has years of experience building Bill Of Materials, making budgets and cash flow analysis for projects still in the concepting stage. A range of capital funds, investors and entrepreneurs has already obtained a much more detailed perspective on the business they are engaging in.